Welcome to Missouri's Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operator Training Website.

The State of Missouri requires all owners and operators of underground storage tank facilities to designate and train a Class A/B and Class C Operator for each of their facilities by July 1, 2016.

This website offers two training options:

Option 1 (Recommended): A comprehensive course with quizzes throughout; users must get 80% correct or retake the course. Separate courses are offered for "Class A/B Operators" and "Class C Operators."

Option 2: A stand-alone test for more experienced operators. Users must get 80% correct and are allowed to retake the test one time; if a passing score is not achieved the second time, a user must take the full course (Option 1).

Operator Types:

Class A/B Operator: The individual who is responsible for operating and maintaining the underground storage tank (UST) system in accordance with Missouri's UST rules.

Class C Operator: Any employee responsible for initially addressing emergencies caused by a spill or leak from an underground storage tank system.

The Missouri UST Operator Training is now being provided through Petro Classroom. Click the "Go To Petro Classroom Training" button above to proceed to the Petro Classroom website to setup or log in to an acccount and take your training.

Accounts from the prior training website are no longer available. New accounts must be setup on Petro Classroom.

Contact Petro Classroom customer support with any questions or to get a copy of certificates for previously completed training.
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