Welcome to Missouri's Underground Storage Tank (UST) Operator Training Website.

The State of Missouri requires all owners and operators of underground storage tank facilities to designate and train a Class A/B and Class C Operator for each of their facilities by July 1, 2016.

This website offers two training options:

Option 1 (Recommended): A comprehensive course with quizzes throughout; users must get 80% correct or retake the course. Separate courses are offered for "Class A/B Operators" and "Class C Operators."

Option 2: A stand-alone test for more experienced operators. Users must get 80% correct and are allowed to retake the test one time; if a passing score is not achieved the second time, a user must take the full course (Option 1).

Operator Types:

Class A/B Operator: The individual who is responsible for operating and maintaining the underground storage tank (UST) system in accordance with Missouri's UST rules.

Class C Operator: Any employee responsible for initially addressing emergencies caused by a spill or leak from an underground storage tank system.

10 CSR 100-6.010  —  UST Operator Training

PURPOSE: This rule imposes a requirement on operators of underground storage tanks to demonstrate they have been trained in how to properly operate their tank system(s).

RSMo 319.130  —  UST Operator Training

PURPOSE: This law authorizes the creation of the Missouri UST Operator training program.

10 CSR 26-2  —  DNR UST Technical Regulations

PURPOSE: This rule defines the technical regulations for underground storage tanks within the State of Missouri.

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